Downloadable files

This is the complete list of files to support projects on this web site.
The author retains ownership of all the files listed here but grants permission for them to be used for non-commercial purposes. If you want to use them commercially, or redistribute any or all of them, please contact me to seek permission first.
The files were developed for specific purposes, to fullfill the needs of the Author and the Author's clients, it is entirely up to other users to ascertain suitability for other purposes. No warranty is given or implied for 'fitness for purpose' or for functionality and no responsibility for use, misuse, injury or damge to propery will be accepted. The works here are made available in good faith and in the belief that they may be useful to others, however, the end user must accept full responsibilty for usage.

Please note that if you have programs on your computer that automatically run when any of these file types are seen (have a file association), they may start up rather than offer the file for downloading. If this happens. let the program run and save the files from its own menu or try clicking with your right mouse button and select 'save target as'.

Wherever possible, files are stored in PDF.
PCB artwork should reproduce at full (100%) size at 600 DPI.